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As soon as you start to notice problems with the floors in your home or business (spots and stains, dull and scratched it is unlikely that you will be able to correct the problem without professional stone floor cleaning and restoration services.

You may try stone floor cleaning yourself. Or you may ignore the problem, in the hope that your family, guests and visitors will not see it. However, it is unlikely that you will have any lasting success.

This is because when a stone floor problem becomes visible, it is often way past a do it yourself solution. This is because we look at our floors when we are standing. So when a floor looks dirty it is absolutely packed with dirt, because the dirt has become ingrained in the surface. When stone starts to look dull it will be full of scratches and soils that mopping will not solve.

Stone Floor Cleaning Services You Can Rely On

When it comes to cleaning and restoring your floors, you are better off by calling on the services of a cleaning and polishing specialist.

We have the experience, expertise and equipment to clean, and seal your floors properly, so they stay cleaner for longer.

You also get the added money saving benefit from your investment by not having to replace your floors prematurely.

Professional Stone Floor Cleaning And Maintenance Advice

You can delay calling in the professionals by having a daily maintenance programme best suited to your flooring.

Do you dry sweep before you mop them? Do you know if your cleaner is damaging your floors?

Most problems start with the wrong kind of maintenance. If you would like to know how to clean a stone floor, get helpful cleaning training and advice on cleaning stone floors, then we will be happy to recommend the best cleaning method.

Stone Floor Restoration – The Restoration Approach For Individual Stone Types

Marble Polishing Work 2
Over time, Marble will end up matt and loose its finish. The damage to the surface is brought on by foot traffic scratching and surface etching Marble Polishing is the best way to bring back the initial appearance. We use diamond polishing to grind, hone and polish the marble floor and recover the initial finish.

If your floor happens to be laid leaving not level tiles, this will be known as lippage. The only method to make a marble floor perfectly flat is by grinding away the lippage and irregular tile edges. That is a complicated process however the results are stunning. The marble floor looks “monolithic”, appearing to be produced from just one piece of marble. After grinding, the marble tiles be at the same level the grout. It is much simpler to maintain a smooth, sleek marble than a jagged floor. A smooth surface floor does not have grout lines to trap dirt. Marble restoration usually involves a few chip and crack repairs, using resin fillers. After inspecting the floor, we will advise the very best marble restoration program.

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are there different grades of travertine

Travertine is a type of Limestone. There will various forms of travertine tiles, including polished, honed and tumbled. Over time, the initial hole filler comes away, and the holes are quickly filled with unpleasant soil. Restoration businesses have use a variety of machine scrubbing, hand scrubbing and pressure rinsing to eliminate old sealers and embedded soil. After cleaning, any holes may be filled with coloured grout. Then we apply specialist sealers that will last for years to protect the Travertine.

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Is limestone flooring durable Limestone is a comparatively softer sedimentary stone. Limestone is an adaptible stone as it has a lot of appearances. Like; non-reflective, mid-sheen or highly polished are the most very popular surfaces. The original polish on Limestone will likely gradually lose its shine. The dullness is due to microscopic scratching in the finish wherever it has been stepped on. Professional restoration is the only way to bring back the original shine. After we have assessed the limestone, we shall advise the most appropriate restoration service. Learn more.
How long does it take to install terrazzo floors Terrazzo has been used for thousands of years as a flooring Gradually, Terrazzo will lose the original finish. Small scratches and etch marks build up and damage the original finish. Sooner or later, the Terrazzo will have to be polished. We use diamond polishingequipment to revive the initial Terrazzo shine. We can help to avoid this soil with Terrazzo sealers. Learn more. Terrazzo Crack Repair Cracks are a common challenge with Terrazzo flooring, particularly in older floors. Marble, stone and glass chips and coloured cement or resins can repair Terrazzo cracks.
What speed do you polish granite You will find granite in lots homes and buildings. Granite is an extremely hard flooring and is extremely resistant to damage from scratches and stains compared to other stone like limestone and marble. Granite is harder wearing when compared with some other stone, like limestone or marble. As a result of the stone’s hardness, granite needs expert cleaning and restoration. We can restore all forms of granite flooring. Learn more
Is sandstone or limestone harder Sandstone is manufactured out of compressed sand, as well as different minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Whilst sandstone is sturdy it is porous, so dirt gets stuck within the surface and it is difficult to remove. Professionals use rotary brushing equipment, sealer removers and pressure rinsing to completely clean the sandstone. We then use specialist sealers that will last for years not months. We shall advise the appropriate restoration service. Learn more
Why is my slate tile flaking Slate is a very popular floor and wall tile because of its low porosity and the many varieties and textures of Slate available.. Slate floors need regular sealing to prevent spills and soil marking the finish. There are specialist machinery and chemical treatments to eliminate the soil and old sealers, reviving the initial slate finish. We then employ a lasting sealer that will make the floor easier to maintain. If you like a smooth finish, we could grind the tiles, but we must gauge the slate before grinding. Learn more.
How do I make lemon cleaner Terracotta offers a unique colour and a rustic appearance in the house, but really needs careful maintenance to keep it looking its best. Terracotta is extremely porous so it is necessary to protect it with a protective seal. Sealer residues, soil and markings may be removed with rotary scrubbing and sealer removers. We use a resilient sealer for terracotta, so you get the most value from your cleaning. Learn more.
How do you clean dirty white tile floors Victorian Clay Tiles are installed in many Victorian and Edwardian hallways. The tiles are unglazed utilizing the the natural colours of the clay used in their manufacture. Owing to their age, these floors have had plenty of wear and often have layers of different sealers. Cleaning these floors can be challenging due to the range of old sealers and covering residues. A colour intensifying sealer is used immediately after cleaning, to displace the original colours into the tiles. A topical sealer or wax finish can give the floor with a low-sheen finish. Learn more.
How do you fix quarry tiles Quarry tiles are very durable but they do suffer with a couple of issues. Surface damage like scratches along with other abrasions may appear in the event that tiles have not been properly sealed or even the existing slealer has worn down. A professional clean and reseal is often enough to restore a quarry tile floor. Quarry tiles in many cases are laid with no damp proof membrane layer, therefore we need certainly to apply the proper sealer to allow the tiles to breathe. Learn more
Where is the best porcelain made Porcelain is a form of ceramic tile. Top quality Porcelain has really low porosity, which means less stains, less water damage, and less need to be sealed. If Porcelain is not made properly, the surface can absorb soil. If you have a substandard Porcelain, surface soil may be difficult to remove. We are able to remove embedded soil with equipment designed to go into the microscopic pits holding the soil. After cleaning, we use specific Porcelain sealers to prevent this problem. Solid color Porcelain may be ground and restored like Granite or Marble. Learn more
How do I clean white dirty grout Cleaning ceramic tile floors is commonly easier when compared with cleaning and restoring stone or clay tiles A glassy finish is easier to clean and restore. None the less, professional cleaning solutions and equipment can give the best results. A professional sealer is applied after the cleaning. A sealed floor is easier to clean and the sealer helps avoid stains. Learn more

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Some Of The Stone Floor Cleaning Services We Deliver

Stone floor cleaning is rarely just cleaning, there is certainly regularly more restoration required. Stone floor restoration covers a variety of services. At the least, all stone floors suffer some type of generic wear and tear. In most cases, soil, stains and traffic marks ruin floor’s finish. Highly polished marble and granite floors show up wear quickly, as minute foot traffic scuff marks in the stone surface alter the luster and hold dirt. A surface sealer does not prevent porous natural stone and tiles like Sandstone, Limestone and Terracotta gradually struggling with wear and spill problems. Most stone and tile flooring has cement grout. Cement grout is generally softer compared to stone and much more in danger of abrasive and chemical damage. Holes could be filled and cracks repaired included in a restoration. Natural stone has got the appeal that a grubby, porous surface can be taken away, exposing a lovely new surface. Grinding and honing removes surface damage from etching and surface scratching.

The initial shine on a stone floor will gradually go dull. The loss in shine is brought on by foot traffic scratches and surface damage. The only way to replace the original finish is by polishing the natural stone. On marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Polished Limestone and Polished Travertine floors, diamonds are utilized to remove the surface wear and recover the original sparkle. The shine on Honed Travertine, Honed Limestone, Sandstone, Slate and Clay tiles is created by applying a high gloss sealer. Sealer removing products are applied to take away all traces of the existing sealer, and then a new gloss sealer is applied.

Natural stone sealing is a must to keep a new stone and tile finish looking stunning. Stone sealers should be put on new natural stone and tile floors and immediately after any floor tile cleaning, stone polishing or tile restoration work. Impregnating or penetrating sealers are used following diamond floor polishing. Hybrid sealers or Surface sealers are best applied to coarse natural stone or tiles.

Are there unsightly chips on your natural stone floor?

You do not have to change the natural stone. Coloured resin fillers can fill chips and damage on a tile. Once the resin cures, it has to be sanded and polished. Chip repairs are less costly than laying new tiles.

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Repairing Cracked Tiles

A slight movement within the subfloor will make a crack in a marble tile. Cracks are often present in doorways and in between rooms. Also, a crack can appear due to a deficiency or weak spot within the tile. Crack repaircosts not as much as replacing the tile.

If you have got a deep crack in your floor, vanity unit, tabletop or counter top, they are filled with coloured epoxy fillers. Hairline cracks are too fine to accept a filler and so they need to be widened with diamond tools before they are filled.

Coloured spots like wine and juice can penetrate stone, leaving a stain. Old stains are a lot harder to treat than fresh stains. Some older stains need a poultice treatment. Some stains would be permanent. Difficult to get rid of stains could be removed with resurfacing the stone. The key to effective stain extraction is to treat the location as soon as it occurs.

Stone tile grout has a rough, porous top and over time dust and grease penetrates deep in to the grout. The grout lines sink down below the tile and soiled cleaning slurry gets pulled directly into grout while routine cleaning. Expert grout cleaning and restoration can make tile grout appear just like new again. Grout sealing is imperative to keeping the new cleaned grout appearing beautiful.

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